Bandana Fest 2020

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Headliners Include:

Bryon Garrison and the Rain Makers

July 11

Anthony Ray Wright

October 1 — December 1

Neil Trammell and the Doodlin Hogwallups

July 11 2020

Rick Ruiz

October 1 — December 1

“Garrison and his crew of outlaws are making West Texas a mecca for original country music!”

Artists have long travelled to West Texas to be inspired. But it hasn’t been since Waylon, Willie, Elvis and Roy Orbison haunted the deserts of the West that so many singers and songwriters have blossomed like the cactus in Spring.

From the home grown sounds of a singer like Ricardo Ruiz (Alpine) to the Turquoise troubadour himself Neil Trammell, West Texas is developing it’s own sound. Rooted in the Rockabilly and Outlaw country of those who had their hide outs way out in Far West Texas. Rumors of Willie Nelson escaping the big city are still in the air at every local music festival. When the wind blows across the desert, up the mountains or down in the valley you may hear the crooning of Bryon Garrison, the rockabilly flavor of Anthony Ray Wright, the smooth licks of Pete Westfall or Spanish American stylings of Tony Lujan.

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